About Us

Access English Campus  has been hosting students since 1976 and its prestige and immense experience is widely appreciated. Open for Summer English language learning for mixed-nationality students between the ages of 10 and 18 years, it offers participants a personal opportunity to practice the language, forge their developing character, live with their peers, learn about other cultures and become confident in speaking everyday English.


Our Academic Programme

Class levels are comparable to standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), as set out by the Council of Europe. Students are placed according to the results of their initial evaluation examination and their progress is continually assessed throughout the programme, with a change of level being implemented if deemed necessary. On completion each participant receives an individual academic report, an indispensable reference for pupils, parents, academic centres and teachers regarding the CEFR level of English undertaken. Eligible students will also receive a certificate of completion, validated by Access English Campus.

Classes are held from Mondays to Fridays with a maximum of fifteen students per classroom, albeit with an average of twelve students per teacher. Emphasis is on the communicative aspect of the language. Our interactive Digital Language Platform ensures that each pupil participates and enjoys the experience of advancing their language and personal skills at their own level. All teachers are university graduates with a TEFL qualification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

On arrival students undergo an evaluation of their knowledge of the language to determine their appropriate level of English. Repeat students will be placed at a higher level than the previous summer after consultation with their teachers. There is continuous monitoring of a student’s progress, with a change of level if considered necessary.

The objective of the course is centered on the attainment of rapid and efficient fluency in spoken English, along with expansion of vocabulary and the correct usage of its idioms. Students will be encouraged to practise the use of colloquial English, which is the best way to achieve fluency in another language. Particular emphasis is placed on improving pronunciation and intonation and transforming the English that one knows into how one can use it more correctly. Pupils are also shown how to write emails, letters, articles, reports and projects in English. They are also given guidelines on how to expand their knowledge of English outside the classroom and how to source material in order to improve their personal command of the language on return to their home country.


Our Activities

Our extra-curricular activities emphasise the use of English and learning about Irish culture and history, along with visiting places of interest on scheduled afternoons and weekends. Evening activities include role play, cinema, situational English, conversation workshops, blind dating, language competitions, karaoke, quizzes, treasure hunts, talent shows, Irish music and dancing. Students also submit projects based on research and interviews with native-speakers of English during their stay in the city. Teachers monitor and help students with this work.


Our Accommodation

Students live in a modern complex with access to the college via a private pathway. The residence is divided into apartments with either individual or twin private rooms, along with a kitchen/sitting-room. Some rooms are en-suite and others have a maximum ratio of a bathroom per two people. The kitchen has got all modern conveniences eg, microwave, oven, fridge, iron and television. Bedrooms are supplied with bed linen that is changed weekly and towels that are changed several times a week. Within the compound there is a self-service laundry with washing machines and spin-dryers that are used once a week. Students are usually back in the residence by 10pm, depending on the daily programme. Rooms are allocated according to group, gender and age. Group leaders live in the same residence. See: Parchment Square Student Accommodation


Our Supervision

The Course Director, teachers and group leaders are responsible for students during their stay in Ireland. They organize the classes and the extra-curricular activities, mindful that the welfare and participation of every student is important. Parents, if they wish, can speak with group leaders before the commencement of the programme to discuss any matter that they consider opportune regarding their child’s trip to Ireland. Personal contact between management and pupils is constant throughout the summer schedule. Access to the residence complex, apartments and individual rooms is by electronic keycard specifically assigned to each student. Group leaders possess a master keycard that permits them access to all areas to ensure the safety and well-being of the students under their care. The residence complex is monitored by closed-circuit cameras 24 hours a day. Students can immediately contact their group leaders at any time during the day or night.

Our City

Cork, European Capital of Culture 2005, is Ireland`s second city and is located on the banks of the river Lee. A university city of approximately 140,000 inhabitants, modern, cosmopolitan, with attractive historic buildings and the second largest natural harbour in the world, it is the ideal location for practising the English language, enjoying the lovely landscape and appreciating the famous friendliness of its people. It is without doubt one of the most enchanting cities of this lovely country. See: www.whazon.com